Watermelon Rhino


(Watermelon S1 x White Rhino) 10 Pack of Feminized

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If you were smoking in the Mid-90's in Cali You May Have Came Across a Strain that Tasted Like Juicy Sweet Watermelon on a Hot Summer Day!

Then She Disappeared for Over a Decade!!! Now She is Back and Better Than Ever.

True Watermelon Terps to Cool You Off on a Hot Summer Day!

Mother: The original watermelon from the mid 90’s. If you got a chance to see it back then it was known as Watermelon Og in Los Angeles. A truly hidden gem of terps.

Father: The original White Rhino

  • Plant Structure: Large build with virtually no stretching. Medium internodal growth with stacks of watermelon candy terps.
  • Flower window: 60-65 days
  • Terpene Profile description and highlights: Pure watermelon terps with a slight vanilla influence from the Rhino.
  • Trichome Description: Large-sized stalks with fat head structure.
  • 10 Pack of Feminized