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(Watermelon Zkittlez x Purple Punch Alpha Cut) 10 Pack of Feminized

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Mother: This is the 2017 best strain of the year award cut of the watermelon zkittlez. With a dreamy combination of watermelon and grapefruit this is the top of the candy terps mountain.

Father: The Purple Punch alpha cut was used as the father for our crosses below. The “alpha cut” of the Purple Punch was hunted down for specific traits of the legendary Purple Punch, specifically its bud structure and trichome development. The Purple punch is a cross of the Larry Og and the original Grand Daddy purple. We hunted for a pheno that showed dominance to the Larry Og side where the “gassy” traits are found from the Og influence. Thus we picked a very special pheno of the Purple Punch for our crosses that is not in popular public rotation.

  • Plant Structure: Medium build with virtually no stretching. Medium internodal growth with stacks of fruit terps.
  • Flower window:65-70 days
  • Terpene Profile description and highlights: Watermelon Jolly Ranchers with Grape Popsicle Overtones and a Citrus Finish. There is even a Strawberry Cheesecake smelling pheno, which we at Chill Hill call the Hidden Gem!
  • Trichome Description: Small-sized stalks with fat head structure. Great for water extraction.
  • 10 Pack of Feminized