Chill Hill Bean Co. was founded by a group of breeders, growers and Cannabis experts for one reason and one reason only. To find the rarest genetics on earth and bring a stable form of them to the global genetics market. With a combined 20 years of experience in selection and breeding Chill Hill Bean Co is leading the industry in exotic genetic exploration.


January 2015

How We Got Started

The founders of Chill Hill Bean Co began the hunt for the rarest strains in the world in 2015. These first hunts began in the deep mountain forests of the Emerald Triangle of Northern California. Inspired to find the original parents of the hardest to find strains on earth and preserving them in seed form for future generations to share in the magic of these sacred plants.

March 2017

Our Journey

From finding many exotic parental varieties, we began the slow methodical process of pheno selection,terpene observation, and testing which crosses showed the strongest growth,resistance, and flowering times. After years of work we our now sharing what we have created with the world to enjoy.

May 2017

Our Passion

Our passion at Chill Hill Bean Co is the drive to find the rarest cannabis on earth and bring it to a audience who appreciates the finest in their growing and smoking experiences. With decades of searching we only select the elite in genetic cannabis expressions. We here at Chill Hill are smokers at heart and if we wouldn’t smoke it then we wouldn’t offer it.

September 2018

The Team

Our team has a combined 3 decades of searching for rare cannabis spanning the entire globe. Our team consists of cannabis breeders, cultivators, connoisseurs, and engineers at the top of their fields to be able to bring these strains to you in a stable form.

January 2019

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